Tezas is a boutique advisory firm specializing in the public relations & technology advisory for corporates in non-traditional finance, blockchain, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. Tezas is founded by a team of passionate fintech veterans, top PR agents and tech talents. Recently, Tezas has received a one million seed round investment from Candaq Fintech Group.

CFG (Candaq Fintech Group) originates from Berlin and the Silicon Valley. It focus on the incubation of fintech and blockchain-based start-ups, including but not limited to Fintech, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things and new energies. Candaq makes venture investments at early stages and offer professional tokenized initial offering advisory services. To help entrepreneurs turn their brilliant ideas into reality, Candaq has built a worldwide collaborative network with numerous academic institutions, venture capitals and cryptocurrency communities. All of the team members are believers of new FinTech and blockchain technology and the vision is to “Redefine the Fintech”.